Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday morning Josh and I went out to shop for baby clothes and stopped at mcdonalds for breakfast. After ordering we went to sit down and wait.
All the sudden we hear "Mom! He...y......."
We looked up to see a 6 or 7 year old boy sitting alone, looking at me.
"Oh, you have the same hair as my mom, I thought you were my mom..."
He was embarassed but it was really cute. His mom came over to ask what he wanted to eat and she was wearing a black shirt like me, and had long platinum blond hair as well. She then walked away and then our number was called so Josh walked away to get that.
We were all alone (the little boy and I) and I hear the boy say, "You're beautiful...."
I looked over to make sure he was looking at me and I say "Thanks!!" It was quite a confidence booster since I have been feeling everything BUT beautiful lately. I wasn't even wearing makeup. Boys must be made of at least a little sugar, right?


Katie Jo said...

HAHAHA the boys sugar all depends on how their mommy raises them.... your boy will be super sweet! :)

CJ and Madalyn said...

I think little boys have a lot of sugar in them! Drake is getting to be so interactive.. I'll tell him I love him and he'll come over and give me a hugand a kiss. It's his way of saying he loves me too because he can't talk :) your little boy will melt your heart!

Jana said...

Any time Carmen sees a girl with platinum blond hair, she waves at her. When I ask her who she is waving at she says "aunt Carly."
Boys are pure sugar, well mine is anyway. I'm sure you'll think yours is too.