Sunday, September 21, 2008

Glad to be here!

I decided to make the switch to blogger, and I am happy about it. Not that I didn't love my Wordpress blog my sister made me, I just couldn't figure out how to use and change things by myself. So far Blogger has been much easier. I titled this one both mine and Josh's blog, but I'm pretty sure he won't ever be posting anything. I showed him the blog when I was done designing and he says, "Wow...that's...really........girly!"
So anyway, Here's an interesting story that happened to us the other day. We have had a lot of gift cards to Bed Bath an Beyond from our wedding, and it has really helped out a lot. We were there and attempted to use one of the last ones for a good size purchase - over $50. I pulled out a gift card and the lady type in the numbers and told me the gift card was blank. I told her I had never used it before and asked her to try it again. She tried it again a little annoyed that I didn't believe her, and had the same conclusion. Now, I'm gettin pretty peeved here, because I know I had never used that card before. I ask her if there was anything else she could do to check on it. She said she could call customer service if i wanted. If. I. Wanted. ?!
"Um....YEAH." was my reply...and there is justification for me being a brat. She is on the phone with customer service and I hear her say, "Oh. really? thats weird." She hangs up and says to us "There is $75 on this card."
I ACTUALLY HAD my credit card out ready to pay with it. I was so fuming mad..and Josh knew that so he nudged me and just gave me a look to let it go. If I was alone I would have freaked out.
This is weird but before my sister married Lee, I wasnt the type of person to ask someone to go out of their way, as in this situation. What I mean by that is, both Jana and Lee have taught me that it never hurts to ask - in any situation. What do you have to lose? And it is a valuable life lesson to me that has helped in so many situations ever since.


Seth & Kirie said...

I just have to thank you for helping me out on the pronunciation of your last was a struggle for me :)

Welcome to Blogger! Woohoo!

P.S. I would have freaked out about the BB&B thing...I have no patience when it comes to stuff like that!

linds said...
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linds said... I the only one seeing webdings here?! Good one Carl! :) Wouldn't it have been funny if there really wasn't anything on the card? What an awesome wedding present.

Carly said...

What webdings? would have been funny if there was nothing on the card...karma really...
one time at subway it was the first time i loaded money for someone to give as a gift at the drive through. they put like $10 on it and drove off. the card number in the computer got erase and didnt end up on the card. I tried to catch the guy in the car but didnt. I have been devastated about it ever since. i bet im never welcome to work at subway ever again after confessing that. tell scott im sorry if you tell him. :D

linds said...

Whatever...I bet that happens all the time. So about the webdings...your whole first post is all in wingdings, you know the symbol font?...I have a feeling its a big JOKE. I had to copy and paste in Word just to read it.

Jana said...

Nothing bugs me more than crap like that. I cannot let it go without saying something. And I usually get a ton of attitude from the employees, but whatever.

Cute new blog! Most people like blogger better, but wordpress is where I started... and I don't really need anything else from a blog (since they already have the perfect background for me). That is really the only reason I never switched.

Carly said...

ok are wingdingamabobbers still there?