Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Barbie Cares

I saw an advertisement on facebook about "Barbie" and so I clicked on it. It was an application for a promotional event at Wal Mart stores all over the United States, called Barbie Cares

Children can bring in their old Barbies to be recycled,

and in return receive a gift from Barbie (Stickers/coloring book). Barbie will interact and take pictures with kids. I thought it sounded really fun and rewarding, so I applied. And I got it! It will be Saturday, November 8th from 11:30-3:30. I will be at the West Valley City Wal Mart. I am so excited for this event, and I even get paid $100! They provide the dress and everything!Here is a what the dress looks like:

But I plan on trying to look more like the one on the right ;)

If you are interested in working this event being Barbie or another fun position, go to https://www.fusiongateway.com/apply/register.cfm And let them know you were referred by Carly because I get $20 per person that I refer. By the way Lindsie, they are looking for a Barbie for Vernal, you should totally do it. I know they'd love to have a hot blond like you.
I thought it would be cool if Josh came with me and was Ken, but he said he was....busy.

Barbie and Ken...except we don't break up like they did...


Michelle said...

that's so awesome.
i'm totally coming to visit you and take a picture.

linds said...

Man I couldn't handle that kind of rejection. :) But you on the other hand, are perfect for it. Take lots of pictures.

Amber and Matt said...

That sounds really fun! We just have this school year out here and then probably off to law school somewhere. If Matt ends up going to the U we could be right by you guys!

Jana said...

I wanted to apply to Disneyland to be a princess when we lived in orange county, but then we moved.
But that is awesome that you are going to be a barbie!

Katie Jo said...

Car you CRACK me up!!! hahahah I want to come see you... you gonna wear it for Halloween too???

Carly said...

No...unfortunately I only get that dress for that four hours of the event. It looks like a "one size fits all" dress so we'll see how that goes! you should come! I would love to see you!