Friday, June 8, 2012


Jotting all this down for the memories:

Monroe is really smart. She is much more advanced verbally than Kaius was at her age. They are about the same physically, except Kaius was really good with handling balls. She's more into dolls *heart melting*

The last couple times I've finished dinner and come sit at the table, she automatically folds her arms. We die over the cuteness. She will even stop crying (usually crying from hunger) for the prayer, and continue crying after we say amen.
When we tell her to say things, she can come really close! She can say Mommy and Daddy. Pizza (Dee-dah). she can make kiss noises. She can imitate me when I hum tunes. She loves to growl. She loves to turn off the cable box & TV. She loves to eat yogurt and graham crackers. She is a tad bit pickier than Kaius in terms of food, but she knows that I will NOT give her something else. She gets what she gets.... it might sound strict but I think if she is really hungry she will eat anything. However, Josh and my Mom are a little more lenient with her :D
1st birthday, at the park

Kaius is still pretty mean to Monroe. He hits/punches her a lot. It is very frustrating as parents to witness. We are staying consistent with time outs. But he does have his sweet moments.
The other day I was putting him into his car seat, he likes to buckle the chest buckle, but I was in a hurry. I said "No we gotta go bud" and he said very enthusiastically "Oh, next time! Next time!"

Josh came home from work and I gave him a hug and kiss, Kaius came to us, hugged each of our legs together and said "I love you guys" (pronounced "I wub you duys")
He frequently says to me "Mom, I a lil' boy." And it is a great reminder. He is a little boy. I need to remember that.

He also likes to remind me I'm the mommy. Sometimes I imitate his whining (hey, it works every time) because he realizes how silly he sounds...and one time he was saying "I'm a baby!" in a whiny voice so I repeated in the same tone "I'm a baby!"
He sat up calmly and said "No, you're a Mommy!" I explained to him I was making fun of him and he was calm after that. *shrug*

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Katie Jo said...

I totally whine when Brenika whines. She gets so mad. She always says, "Knock it off MOM!" and I say, "Then YOU knock it off." and she does. HAHAHAHA

Love that he reminds you he's little. Sometimes I forget that Brenika is only 3 and not a 6 yr old. (I mean, she's as big as a 6 yr old hahaha).

What cute little chitlens you have. I miss your guts.